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Insights from Nicolette & Josh, CFPs® and Enrolled Agents

Welcome to Numbers and Nuances: Making the Tax Code Simpler, your go-to source for insightful articles and short-form content updates on tax strategies and financial planning. We are Nicolette Davicino and Josh Kaplan, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERS™ (CFP® professionals) and Enrolled Agents (EAs) based in the vibrant Washington D.C. metro area, bringing you a refreshing blend of experience and passion for all things finance.

Meet Nicolette & Josh

Nicolette, originally from Long Island, NY, adds a touch of culinary flair to our dynamic duo. A self-proclaimed foodie, she navigates the extensive D.C. food scene with delight. Beyond her love for different cuisines, Nicolette is a passionate advocate for the arts, bringing a creative perspective to financial planning and tax strategy. She’s known to go on at length about the latest restaurant opening downtown, or her beloved Albicelestes (vamos Argentina!).

Hailing from Richmond, VA, Josh brings a wealth of financial planning experience to the table. Beyond the numbers, Josh is a sports enthusiast, with a special place in his heart for Baltimore and West Bromwich Albion F.C. His curiosity knows no bounds and if you can’t find him in D.C., he’s likely travelling and embracing the great outdoors. His favorite destination are the ski slopes of Colorado!

The AFM connection

Both of us proudly call AFM, a 40-year-old leading financial planning firm in downtown Washington D.C., our professional home. Our affiliation with AFM empowers us to delve into high-level planning concepts that extend beyond mere tax strategies, providing you with holistic financial insights.

What to expect

Our journey as Enrolled Agents and our tenure as CFP®’s has equipped us with a deep understanding of tax intricacies. We are thrilled to share the knowledge we’ve amassed and some of the ways we’re putting it to good use here on our blog.

Additionally, over the past few years as colleagues, we discovered we share the same great taste in music, a knack for the arts (AFM is located steps from the Phillips Collection), and a love for complex planning concepts. We plan to bring a bit of both to this blog because there is more to life than just numbers, it’s why we are both so passionate about financial planning: we connect numbers with the story from the clients we get to help.

Join us on this journey

Whether you’re a seasoned investor, business owner, or someone simply eager to understand the complexities of financial planning, Numbers and Nuances: Making the Tax Code Simpler is your compass. Our blog is more than a collection of articles, it’s a dynamic conversation about achieving financial well-being.

Team up with us as we navigate the fine points of the tax code, unravel mysteries of financial planning, and share anecdotes from our adventures in sports, culture, and DMV dining.

Let’s embark on this insightful journey together – welcome to Numbers and Nuances: Making the Tax Code Simpler!

-Nicolette and Josh